Real-time engine
with powerful extensibility
We plan and produce various types of media using game engine technology.
Come and experience the freedom of unlimited contents using a real-time engine!

Media Production

Create content of various genres using game engines with professional production teams from multiple fields
such as art, planning, development, and production

  • Create fun and creative works with industry-leading 2D/3D animation experts
  • By remastering 2D content with 3D asset expanding to another media
  • Use the game engine to produce small ads, concept advertisements, promotional videos, MV, etc
  • Plan and produce metaverse and XR contents existing platforms that provide an immersive experience
  • Plan and produce games and apps that combine aesthetic elements to attract users

Realtime Pipeline

Building a 2D animation-based production pipeline using real-time engine is highly effective
to test and verify works and create a stable production environment.

  • Animatic production in the real-time engine
  • Background production using 3D assets

In particular, if the real-time engine pipeline is introduced into the pre-production stage,
the performance of the entire process for pre-verification, production management, production environment establishment,
and post-production business can be effectively improved.

  • Integrate production program
    By integrating a project’s production process, the cohesion between pre-main-post production, working on the same project and managing data becomes easy
  • 2D work support
    Using engine technology to improve production efficiency such as various compositional production, camera walking, 2D drawing guide, etc
  • Data Recycling
    Reusing elements such as repeated backgrounds, props, and characters to reduce the production and time cost and enable a secondary use for other works
  • Business expansion
    Diversify IP-related business by expanding the IP field and producing various contents

Realtime Engine R&D

We are daily maintaining research to upgrade real-time engine technology that can be used in pre-production.
With this technology, we plan to build a system that can be used in various media content productions
such as animation, advertisement, movies, and games

    Research new technology about basic character animations and CFX
    (hair/clothing/crowd/extra scene)
    Develop Toon shader for a look-alike 2D animation style effect (skin/hair/outline, etc)
    Build a Data Based system to increase data management efficiency and optimal asset production technology research for various uses
    Build Issue Tracking System for production management and work with Git server operation technology for project sharing
  • VFX
    Improve the quality of effects, lighting, and sound by researching and developing an effective post-processing process
    Build presets that implement camera techniques for different situations and genres, such as layout, cinematography, and robocam


We share the knowledge that has been accumulated through meticulous research
and development of real-time engine technology through online/offline lectures.
We dedicate our time to create a virtuous cycle in the digital content industry
by nurturing future talents and strengthening the capabilities of experts.
  • Offline lectures
  • Online lectures