Creating media
in a new era
Working with skilled graphic artists and game engine technology,
we create convergence content that increases user immersion


  • Sugarbolt is recognized for its innovative technology as a ‘Venture company' certification Sugarbolt Creative (Kann Ryan, CEO) has been certified as an innovative growth type venture company in recognition of its media production technology using game engines. 2023.01.05 더보기
  • Unity wins the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Real-Time Live Session Award Unity won the Live Session Award today (9th) for demonstrating the hair and paste trainer technology used for its tech demo "Enermies" at the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 real-time live session. 2022.12.09 더보기
  • SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Real-Time Live! Session Ends Successfully Hello, everyone! Today, I'm going to talk about Siggraph Asia 2022 in Daegu! This year, it was held from December 6th to 9th at Daegu EXCO! Sugarbolt visited Daegu and enjoyed Siggraph Asia 2022. 2022.12.09 더보기
  • New Sugarbolt Creative’s Blog Sugarbolt is a company that designs and produces various media projects to provide users with a pleasant experience, 2022.08.15 더보기
  • Chairman Soon-ki Jung said, "Siggraph Asia 2022 is a venue for awe-inspiring technology experience." Organized by Cologne Messe and hosted by the American Computer Association, the Korean Computer Graphics Society, the Korean HCI Society, and Korea Graphics, 2022.11.29 더보기
  • Establishment of corporate research institutes In August 2022, Sugarbolt's establishment of a corporate research institute was approved. The corporate research institute will conduct research to build a game engine-based real-time pipeline system, 2022.08.21 더보기
  • Bugsbot G: The First Korean TV Animation Series Made with Unity Cocktail Media is the production force behind Bugsbot, the first Korean TV animation series made with Unity. Min Seok Kang, Lead Art & Technical Director of Cocktail Media with rich game development experience 2021.06.17 더보기

Our Crew

    • CEO
    Kann Ryan
    Kann Ryan is a Creative Director with 20 years of game development experience and expertise in art direction and media production. Based on his experience and artistic aesthetic, his core competency is to present immersive content that combines new technologies and creativity as a pipeline with various technologies. One of the highlights of his career was to be at the forefront of Unity and Korea's first TV animation series, conveying his various experiences to the next generation.
    • COO
    Junho Hwang
    As a COO with more than 20 years of experience in the animation industry, he has worked hard to improve the poor production environment and produce self-planned animations by demonstrating his core competence, excellent sociality and cool insight. he helped creating an environment where famous works such as, , and have been produced.
    Yongteak Choi
    Filmography : <House Brocken>, <Mulligan>, <Karpopolis>, <Moosh>, <Henry Danger>, <Paradise PD>, <7ranger>, <Petshop>, <brickleberry>, <Hungry bobo>, etc.
    Daeyong Sung
    Filmography : <Naruto>, <Bleach>, <Detective Conan>, <X-men>, <Spiderman>, <Paradise PD>, <BORUTO>, etc. (Experience working with background of animation abroad)
    Sangki Cha
    He graduated from both Namseoul University and Sangmyung Graduate School of Arts and Design with degrees in animation and is currently working as a visiting professor at the animation school of Cheonggang University of Culture and Industry. In addition to that, he directs a number of animation TV shows and advertising videos.

    Filmography : <Papadog>, <Ninja Hattori Season2~5>, <Back to Back>, <BongBong Guardian>, <Henry Danger>, <Liu Olympics - Nonghyup>, <Incheon Asian Games - Kakao>, <2014 Brazil World Cup - Kakao>, <Sochi Olympics - Kakao>, <Smile Gwangju - Gwangju City Hall>, etc.
    Mi Hyun Ahn
    Filmography : <BEN 10 Series>, <Spider-man Season2>, <Onyx Equinox>, <Castlevania Season1,2,3>, <Pantheon>, <ARK : The animated Series>,<Shinbi House Season1-3>, <Bugsbot Season1>, etc.
    Eunju Kim / Prof.
    After graduating from Chung-Ang University's Graduate School of Advanced Film and Animation, she completed her doctorate at the Graduate School of Animation, and was in charge of supporting companies in the field of culture and arts as a key professor of industry-academic cooperation at Chung-Ang University. she participated in the planning and production of virtual space and virtual reality-related content and has won many awards at the International Film Festival, and was appointed to our school in 2021. The main research fields include the production of realistic content and VR/AR-based space production using game engines.
    Yumi Kim / Ph.D
    She earned a master's degree in 3D animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a doctorate in imaging from Chung-Ang University's Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, and currently teaches 3D animation and graphic design at domestic universities outside the Korea National University of Arts. She also has practical experience in animation production using 3D design programs, and major research fields include 3D animation production techniques and animation production theory.
    Julie Jihye Lee
    After graduating from Communication and Media at Seoul Women's University, Julie has been working on 2D video production for about 10 years, including documentaries and motion graphics. She is interested in next-generation media technology and user experience, and is currently in charge of designing immersive content that provides a new media experience at Sugarbolt.
    Marianne Leflond
    Marianne Leflond is a 3D generalist artist specialized in Rigging. After graduated from ESMA in France, she flew to Canada for her first job in a video Game company. With this experience, she fulfilled one of her dream to work for a Korean multimedia company as a 3D artist. Now with her 3 years of experience in the industry and her passion for movies and video games, she managed to vary to a very large extent her skills allowing her to work in different fields such as featured movies, video games, VR, cartoons, etc. She hopes to continue this way and grow as an accomplished artist in the future.