Create immersive media with powerful extensibility using real-time engine technology.
We provide all-around media business such as planning, production, IP (intellectual property) business
based on our extensive knowledge.


    Identify the marketability of productions


    Create new experiences in virtual space


    Produce various immersive form of content

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Awesome IPs

Introduce the amazing IPs of Sugarbolt!
You can use various IPs to help your business with soft communication.

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  • Unity
  • VR Game
VR Game 'getLUSH'
VR game with the values of brand "LUSH"
"Motive, Color, Fragrance" A game to make a BathBomb-shaped star based on items collected from three planets.
  • Unity
  • VR Anim
VR Animation 'Witness'
VR animation based on the damage to Bijarim Road
Witnessing the destruction of Jeju's forest "Bijarim," and how the results of human-centered thinking and behavior affect nature. An animation that thinks about what nature means to us.
  • Unity
  • AltspaceVR
6th Sotaesan Film Festival
A Metaverse Film Festival through AltspaceVR
Audience can enjoy the Sotaesan Film Festival, which shares various ideas and philosophies of religion and more through Virtual Reality. The actual film festival space is built on the Metaverse so that audiences can freely enjoy the exhibition.
  • Android
  • Kakao Ai
Virtual FrienZOO
A learning metaverse App for children
By introducing a dialogue system based on safety communication that allows children to interact with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in an open virtual space, we created a learning zoo concept app composed of exploration elements and playful quiz contents giving knowledge to the player. (Proof of concept)
  • Media
A metaverse’s POC video for children
In order to develop content that can be enjoyed indoors, we plan and develop a town-type experience inside metaverse where you can make new friends, try various jobs and participate to activities in a virtual space.
  • Unity
  • Pre-vis
Bugsbot G
The 1st Korean TV animation series produced by Unity
The first made in Korea TV series that introduces a new Unity production method for 2D animation. The existing legacy render pipeline was changed to a real-time pipeline, the process was facilitated by integrating new production tools and by showing real-time results, which remarkably reduced the production time and cost compared to the classic production method.
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